Appointment Management

Check the schedule of your employees from the staff calendar at the same time and rescheduling them by drag and drop option.

Customer Tracking

use Awro Salon-Beauty Customer Management and track the comprehensive information of every customer.

Customer History

Check the details of every customer from any easily accessible and reliable device.

Comprehensive Reports

Salonize offers comprehensive reports when it comes to financing and accounting. You can use it to predict the potential moves of customers easily and prepare plans accordingly.

Employee Management

Use Salonize to assign specific roles to employees on the Salonize, your staff can see what you allow them to check.

Text Marketing

Send the texts to potential customers or categorize your customers based on groups and send the text.

Receipts management

Awro Beauty-Salon System also can use receipts as a method for tracking revenue generations.

Package management

Ability to create packages including various services with a preferred price as well as a specific period of time.

Gift Card

UFrom intuitive and simple to use Salonize, boost the customer base, generate quality leads and increase your salon productivity by rewarding your loyal customers.


Dashboard gives you a detailed overview of client’s registration, sales, products, store overview and upcoming birthdays.

Receptionist portal

Decide who sees what with user and group permissions. Salonize makes it easy to add user to the system and decide their role in groups and search old ones to change their permissions

Expense management

manage all your beauty center/salon expenses via Awro Beauty-Salon system and get a comprehensive report.

Loyalty Card

Salonize uses its database to calculate the most loyal customers to your business owners as per your preferred number of visits.


You can list and sell your products and keep track of the inventory.


We’re thrilled to offer you a special discount on our salon system. Manage your discount services with Awro beauty- salon system.



Tends to be more cost effective as you pay for what you need.



A closer realationship with the implementation team/consultant



in-house developers can make changes on a per customer basis



A simple user experience that bypasses daunting complexity.


How do I get started?

Call us or send us an email, a member of our team will be in touch to setup your account and provide you with support, every step of the way.

Which do I need to install to use Salonize?

Salonize is a web-based solution. It requires an internet connection that is easily available worldwide. There is no need to install any software. All you need is a web browser and you’re done.

How do you give support to me?

We extend our support through email, live chat, phone, online help material and video tutorials.

What are you charge for SMS text message?

Salonize has integrated SMS text messages within our platform and allows the option of sending SMS text messages.

Does Salonize support multi location business?

Yes! Salonize can be used on a per location basis, or on multiple locations

What are your merchant charges?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod You van contact our sales department om +964 750 723 3223 for more information about pricing.

Is there any restriction on number of members membership or customers?

As such there is no restriction to have as many members, membership or customer. however, we recommend you to use Enterprise/Branded plan if your members exceed 1000 count.

Can I Operate Salonize from a mobile device on the go?

Salonize is built on latest technology and is completely responsive UI for small to large device like mobile, tablet or desktop. you can operate the system using any device. apart from that, we are able to develops native mobile app to manage some of functions like CRM, Member App and Staff App.

Does the system allow me to create customized package plan for my customers?

The system will provide you flexibility to design your membership and packages and add your plan attributes. You can add as many memberships as you want.

Will my data be private and safe?

We take data security seriously at our system. Our servers are hosted in a world class data center like AWS and Azure, we ensure that our application is always up to date. all our plan includes SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

Is there any demo or presentation
for Salonize?

Yes, we can provide presentation for the system in our office or online meeting.

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